This unit specifies the outcome required to the planning and response procedures for emergencies. It addresses the knowledge, process and techniques necessary to contribute to the implementation of procedures for responding to emergencies. This unit assumes that expert advice will be available in identifying potentials emergencies and in formulating the response plan.

Employees are exposed to illness and injuries in the work environment. Thus, identification, assessment and prevention to its stressors factors in the workplace are considered to be very important in order to make sure that employees are comfortable with their job. To increase student understands in hygiene management and its applications in industry, in particular on human physiology and the hazards affecting employees in the workplace.

This course aims to introduce student to the principles, concepts and theories in Occupational Health Management. To enable student to appreciate the various types of health hazards, the impact of OSH laws and to communicate and promote health awareness at workplace. To apply the principles, tools and techniques in accordance with the standards in managing health risk at work.