This course is designed to compliment the knowledge, skills and attitude components of the programme, enabling life-long learning opportunities, to develop a pool of knowledge-based workforce, and to support the Human Capital National Education Policy.

This course integrates student’s understanding on occupational stress and health psychology. This paper provides the opportunity for student to develop awareness by examining the theories of job stress, the causes of job stress, the effects of job stress on physical and mental health of individuals and the effects of job stress on organizational effectiveness. It also provides the opportunity to explore ways that both individual and organization can work to minimize job stress and its effects.   

This course exposed students to emergency preparedness plan. the topics covered be able to provide better understanding and awareness on the elements of emergency planning, the facility preparedness plan and types of emergencies, students will also be exposed to the CIMAH regulation, Directive 20 and ICS.

Stats is fun. Create the interest into students.