This course explores the role of ethics in management leadership and organizational success in today’s safety environment. It also focuses on both recognizing and responding to contemporary ethical issues in safety management, explore moral reasoning based on various ethical theories to safety concerns. Emphases will be on critical thinking, real world application, and decision-making in professional environment.

This course provides an overview of Occupational Safety and Health Laws and Regulations and how safety and health matters at workplace should be handled and managed legally. To familiarize student with safety and health issues, enforcement process, standards, laws and regulations that are enforced in Malaysia.

This is an introduction to the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to workplace safety.

This unit specifies the outcomes required to effectively participate in the coordination and maintenance of a systematic approach to managing occupational safety and health (OSH) system in the workplace. It includes strategies, policies and procedures necessary to systematically manage OHS and its evaluation to ensure that the workplace is, as far as practicable, safe and without risks to the health of employees and others. This unit addresses the actions necessary to participate in the coordination and maintenance of the OSH program, taking account of the responsibilities for managing OSH management system

This course introduces OSH management systems and highlights its importance in safety performance. It covers all elements of OSH management systems systematically.